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November 16, 2021

Strengthen Your Business in Less Than 5 Minutes

It’s no secret that the fitness market is booming, making competition tight for boutique fitness and yoga studios. In fact, the fitness industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 27% and hit the $35 billion mark by the end of 2021. A large part of that growth stems from businesses like yours – small gyms, fitness and yoga studios, and a dramatic shift to online courses during the pandemic.

So, how do you take advantage of that demand for online fitness classes and anticipate a strong return to in-person instruction? It’s easy actually. SmartCore is a new way to manage your business effectively AND stand out from your competitor down the street. Our goal is to get you out of the office and back to spending more time with clients. 

Move Past Overwhelming Tasks

Andrew Crowder first dreamed up SmartCore, while working out with his brother-in-law, boxing gym owner Steve Reid. Steve is magical with his gym members, creating an electric atmosphere that most gyms only dream of, but the administrative tasks were daunting. Andrew wanted to help. 

Steve Reid and Andrew Crowder
Steel Boxing Gym Owner, Steve Reid with SmartCore Founder, Andrew Crowder

As a software developer with over a decade of experience creating apps and websites, Andrew knew he could develop a solution that would help relieve Steve of pesky ongoing administrative tasks and grow his gym. Knowing that time is literally money, Andrew developed a powerful small business solution that only takes 5 minutes to set up. 

Experience SmartCore

If you’re feeling like the weight of managing members, class schedules, and finances are holding you back from reaching your true potential, take a look at SmartCore. A website, app, and experience like nothing else out there.

In this short video, Andrew walks you through how easy setup is and offers a quick look at the tool’s inner workings. 

We hope you enjoyed this quick introduction. If you’re ready to change your life or have questions about what SmartCore can do for you, visit our website, www.smartcore.life. 

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Grit Life Fitness Logo

My experience with SmartCore has been amazing because they continue to improve with their features and ease of use. This is an essential tool for my business and I am glad I choose SmartCore. I can always reach out to them and get a speedy response. I am a small business owner and SmartCore always has time for me, they are personal and understand my needs.

Kristina Courage Grit Life Fitness
401 Strenth and Fitness Logo

Smartcore is a GREAT gym app! As an owner, I find it to be easy to navigate, edit, program and use in general. My clients have reported they appreciate the clean easy look and ease to sign up or cancel a class. Working alongside Andrew has been great! He is not only always available and knows how to explains things clearly, but is also a great guy! Thank you for everything!

Theresita Eltz 401 Strength & Fitness
Fitness Rising Logo

Everything about this app/site has changed my business for the better. It’s simple to use as an admin, and the user facing side of the app (my members) love how easy it is to sign up, change or augment membership, buy and use training packages and the website platform is fantastic. They keep it easy to use, are always a phone call or text away if you need anything, and are always looking for suggestions on ways to make my experience better. After using some of the bigger expensive programs that don’t really care about the small business, I’m so happy I switched to SmartCore.

Steve Wiberg Fitness Rising
Balance Point Studio Logo

I operate a small but busy Pilates studio. After decades of doing all my scheduling and billing with no technology support, I selected SmartCore for a new website with these functions integrated. I was drawn to this smaller app developer with a specific focus on fitness providers. Seven months later, I am very happy with my choice! I save hours each week on client communications about scheduling. Payments and package tracking are efficient, and I like the automated reminders. My clients and I also appreciate the mobile app.

I am not technologically proficient, but I find the website easy to customize and update. The company owner was extraordinarily helpful and patient in getting me started. He walked me through every single step and continues to be available for answering questions and quickly correcting any problems that come up. No platform is perfect, but SmartCore is always striving to improve with regular feature updates and tutorials. They encourage and respond to customer feedback. The platform works well for my solo practice with mostly private clients. It is also scalable for multiple instructors and group classes. Give it a try!

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