Your Biggest Competitor Might Not Be Other Gyms

September 6, 2022

Your Biggest Competitor Might Not Be Other Gyms

Your biggest competition may not be other gyms in your area or apps and in-home fitness equipment. When it comes to your scheduled group fitness classes or personal training sessions, you’re up against something even bigger: time. You and your clients are busy and pulled in a million different directions, but consistent engagement is crucial for your gym’s growth and your client’s success. SmartCore can help you increase your group fitness attendance in just a matter of minutes.

SmartCore’s secret? The ability to make a quick, direct appeal to your clients that lets them take action without jumping through hoops. Everyone needs a push now and then to get back into the swing of things or try a new class they’ve had their eye on.

In this 5 Minutes (or Less) video, SmartCore Founder and CEO Andrew Crowder shows you how to communicate directly with current and former clients about class openings via email or text, creating a little FOMO by letting them know that only a few spots remain. Your members can browse open classes and register in just a couple of clicks.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Select what classes have open spots
  • Choose who to notify and what type of alert to send
  • Send a message and deliver a notification to members

Plus, you’ll get to see what it looks like from a member’s perspective when you engage with them using SmartCore!

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